Is planning permission required and how do I arrange this?

Most Attics do not need planning, if you’re Attic comprises of no more than 4 roof windows the rear only. You will require planning permission if your roof structure needs to be altered e.g.Domer windows or windows to the front or side. We will provide you an architect who will advice you on you’re planning.

What is an RSJ?

RSJ is a Reinforced Steel Joist also known as a steel support beam. This beam will be a new structural support to the roof and the new suspended floor for your attic

What is a suspended floor?

A suspended floor is one that is not resting on the ceiling. It has its own separate set of flooring joists between the ceiling joists. Sometimes a suspended floor is called an independent floor.

What is a Trussed Roof?

Trussed roofs are simply a cheaper way of building roofs. They are bought in a set of prefabricated triangular frames with a “W” insert. These are lifted onto the house and the roof is built in a few hours.

Can I sell my 3 bed house as a 4 bed house?

Yes you can. You simply state that our Attic has been converted. Prospective buyers will recognise the value of the extra space. Please note that if you have made structural alterations you can’t sell your house without an architect’s certificate of compliance.

Can I get a similar staircase to my own?

Yes it is possible to get the perfect match to blend in new with the original. It can be totally replaced if requested.

What is the average completion time?

A standard Attic Conversion takes approx 10 working days to complete.

Can a Timber framed house be converted?

Yes it can providing you can obtain the blue prints for your house. This allows us to see the structural design

Can a Bath/Shower room be located in my Attic?

Yes this is a common feature in attic conversions now. However it is important to consider have you got enough space?

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